All over the world GREINER switchgear controls complex operations associated with power supply and distribution.Our customers trust the decades of experience and know-how of our technical experts.They can also expect just as high a standard from the after-sales service.

After-sales service at GREINER includes:

Spares & consumables

  • Sophisticated logistics guarantee that spare parts are supplied as quickly as possible.

Assembly, installation & commissioning

  • Our engineers will provide support for our products from delivery to final commissioning.

Maintenance & service contracts

  • Regular inspections reduce the failure risk and increase production process reliability.
  • We offer on-site customer service.
  • Our qualified engineers are equipped with special tools to carry out any necessary servicing directly on site.

Product training

  • Hands-on, product-related training for operators and users

Repair service

  • Fastest response times allow faults to be rectified quickly and flexibly.


  • Many GREINER systems can be extended quite easily to optimise the production process.

Original inspection in accordance with VDE

  • Power-frequency withstand voltage and commissioning test


  • In our in-house test station we are able to carry out h.v. tests with a maximum voltage of 141 kV / impulse voltage and 100 kV / power-frequency withstand voltage.
  • We carry out temperature measurements with rated currents up to 3150 A 3-phase in our temperature-rise test station.During this test temperature sensors pick up the temperature at various points and automatically record the results in a file.Load-dependent simulations of a range of outgoing feeders are possible by using different load resistors.
  • We carry out EMC tests on the system both in our factory and at the customer’s site.