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GENIMOD® withdrawabel unit 8R/2



GEMIS® 24/20


GEMIS® 24/20

Air - insulated medium - voltage switchgear for Energy supplier





GEMIS 24/20®, an air – insulated, medium voltage switchgear, can be installed in most fields of industry, in building technology and in the domain of power supply.

System design and development is based on IEC 62271-200 and meets the high demands respecting operator safety, operational availability and ease of use.

A key benefit of the newly developed 24 kV – switchgear is the lower space requirement due to small dimensions.

The special engineering and design does compromise the flexibility in no way.

Upon request the switchgear can be equipped with load – break switches with or without fuses, optionally with earthing switch.

Tested resistance to accidental arcs according to IEC 62271-200 ensures pressure relief upward and / or downward.



  • Highest level of personal safety
  • Maximum operational availability
  • Type - tested to IEC 62271-200, factory – assembled
  • Maintenance – friendly performance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Modular design with many options
  • Installation – friendly cubicle design
  • Variable low – voltage compartment
  • Simple system extension
  • Individual application options
  • Plug-in installation with load break switches
  • Segregation classification PI
  • Rated current of busbar up to 630A



Technical data  
Rated voltage  
Ur 24 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage  
Up 125 KV
Rated short - time power frequency withstand voltage  
Ud 50 KV
Rated operating current  
Ir 630 A
Rated short - time withstand current  
Ik 20 kA
Rated short - circuit duration  
tk 1 s
Rated peak withstand current  
Ip 50 kA
Rated frequency  
fr 50 Hz
Width 800 mm
Height 2000 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Operational safety  
Internal arc class to IEC 62271-200  
IAC FLR-20 kA, 1 s
Operational availability  
Degree of protection  
IP up to IP4X