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10" distribution box / open





Switchgear cabinets with a modular rack design

  • Power distribution boards
  • Lighting distribution boards
  • Hinged frames

GREINER GNS distribution boards

GREINER GNS system l.v. distribution board

The GREINER GNS distribution board represents switchgear designed using modular board technology.

It is highly suitable both for motor and lighting feeders.

A back-up fuse is fitted for each outgoing board.This allows replacements or expansions to be carried out at any time.

The GREINER GNS distribution board can therefore be regarded as a low-cost alternative to the withdrawable technology system.

The GREINER GNS system is a type-tested switchgear assembly in accordance with DIN EN 60439-1.

Data for a cubicle width of 800 mm:


GREINER GNS power distribution board

Due to the modular rack design, the switchgear cabinet essentially consists of the supporting rack frame and the cladding panels.The supporting rack frame is constructed from 50 mm wide C-section rails.The C-rails are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, 2 mm thick, with holes at regular 25 mm intervals(DIN 43 660).

The modular principle, using a basic grid in accordance with DIN 43 660, is rigorously adhered to as regards both the mechanical and electrical designs.Cubicle dimensions are based on grid increments of 200 mm in accordance with DIN 41 488.

This allows individual demands for flexibility in design and efficient installation to be met.

The switchgear cubicles all have a standardised basic structure, consisting of the following function compartments:

The device and cable terminal compartments can be partitioned off from adjacent compartments, i.e. also making separate access facilities with single doors possible.

These doors can be supplied with or without a window and can be customised in terms of size.

All doors are fitted with an espagnolette lock and tumbler arrangement.

All cubicles are designed so that they can always be added to.

Standard dimensio

Height (mm) 2000 2200      
Width (mm) 600 800 1000    
Depth (mm) 400 600 800 1000  
Door heights (mm) 200 500 1500 2000 2200
Door widths (mm) 200 400 600 800  
(Customised dimensions available on request.)

Incoming supply

Switch disconnectors, moulded-case or open circuit breakers for fixed or withdrawable systems

Operating mechanism – direct toggle mechanism

Rotary mechanism with door coupling

Motor-operated mechanism


Outgoing feeders

L.v.h.b.c. in-line fused load break switch

Horizontal installation

Vertical installation

L.v.h.b.c. fuse combination units with snap-action mechanism

Horizontal installation

Compensation modules with and without reactors

Circuit breaker

Customised configuration on mounting plates with

Measuring and counting instruments

Control transformers, relays, contactors

Control and signalling devices

19” technology, programmable logic control systems

 Technical data

Regulations and tests

Type-tested switchgear assemblies in accordance with DIN EN 60439-1

Electrical characteristics

Rated voltage  
   Rated insulation voltage 1000 V 3 ~, 1500 V -
   Rated operating voltage 690 V 3 ~, 750 V -
   Rated frequency up to 60 Hz
Rated currents, busbar  
   Rated current up to 5000 A
   Rated surge withstand strength up to 200 kA
   Rated short-time withstand strength up to 91 kA
Rated currents, cubicle distribution bar  
   Rated current up to 2000 A
   Rated surge withstand strength up to 80 kA
   Rated short-time withstand strength up to 38 kA
Cubicle dimensions  
   Dimensions of cabinets - racks to DIN 41 485
   Basic grid dimensions 25 mm to DIN 43660
   Cabinet height 2200 mm
   Cabinet widths  400, 600, 800, 1000 mm
   Cabinet depths 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm
   Cubicle partitioning Partitioning into 3 function compartments
  Busbar compartment with cubicle distribution bar
  Cable terminal compartment and device compartment
  Subpartitioning of the device compartment by means of shelves possible
Surface protection Frame – aluzinc coating
  Interior subpartitioning - sendzimir galvanised
  Enclosure panels – RAL 7032 powder coating
  Other RAL colours available on request
Degree of protection IP 20 to IP 54