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Current information

GENIMOD® withdrawabel unit 8R/2





Air-insulated m.v. switchgear

GEMIS® - General information

GEMIS®air-insulated, metal-enclosed m.v. switchgear is universally suitable for use in industry, public buildings, chemical plants and by power supply companies.The switchgear concept was developed on the basis of IEC 62271-200 and meets the high standards required in the areas of operator safety, operational availability and ergonomics.This makes GREINER’s GEMIS® m.v. switchgear suitable both for power distribution and for specific, complex applications up to 24 kV, 25 kA and 12 kV, 31.5 kA.The modular design allows the customer to determine the cubicle order and components and also to choose from a range of major switch manufacturers specialising in withdrawable units.

GEMIS® - Design

The cubicle is made up of galvanised, generously canted steel panels for extra robustness, screwed together in a distortion-resistant construction.Double-walled steel panels are used as partitions between cubicles.A GRP insulating panel with three bushings is used to provide busbar partitioning between cubicles.Within each cubicle the triple partition with internal metal barriers ensures maximum operator safety and operational availability.The areas inside the cubicle are divided into the following categories:

Busbar compartment 1

Cable terminal compartment 4

Circuit breaker compartment 3

Low-voltage compartment 2

The doors on the front panel are protected against internal arcs and feature safety glass and an ergonomic door lock for one-handed operation to provide easy access to the circuit breaker, cable terminal and l.v. compartments.Every compartment, except for the l.v. compartment, has a pressure release duct with a vent outlet, which ensures that the pressure rise in the compartment is safely reduced in the event of a fault.

GEMIS® - Regulations and operating conditions

Regulatory information

GEMIS® m.v. switchgear is a factory-assembled system that is type-tested by a renowned test institute, using a direct mains connection in accordance with IEC 62271-200.The installed switchgear devices meet the relevant switchgear standards.The installation and operating conditions are specified in IEC 60694, section 2.


Operating conditions

The switchgear cubicles with withdrawable units are designed for locked electrical facilities which only qualified personnel and persons who have received proper instruction are authorised to enter (Accessibility A, IEC 62271-200, section 6.106).The standard switchgear version may be installed in locations up to 1000 m above sea level.A modified version with a higher rated insulation level must be selected if the switchgear is to be installed at higher altitudes.The IP 4X degree of protection guarantees maximum safety for installation indoors.The operational availability of category LSC2B allows for easier maintenance or replacement of the main switching devices while the h.v. cables are live.

GEMIS® - Operator protection

All switching operations as well as positioning of the circuit breaker can be carried out with the door shut.GEMIS®m.v. switchgear complies with internal arc classification IAC A FLR 31.5 kA, 1s in accordance with IEC 62271-200 appendix A.Depending on the volume and ceiling height of the switchroom, we can offer various pressure-reducing options by means of vent outlets:


Side deflector panels


Pressure release duct


Pressure-resistant windows in the doors allow the switchgear cubicles and the position of the switching devicesto be viewed.Various locking facilities guarantee maximum safety of operation.


GEMIS® -  Equipment options


- Drawout vacuum circuit breaker with visible isolating distance

- Make-proof earthing switch with optional motor-operated mechanism

- Current and voltage transformers

- Surge voltage arrester


- Non-power locking facilities for devices prevent maloperation

- Ergonomische Einhandschließsysteme der druckfesten Türen

- Ergonomic one-handed closing systems for pressure-resistant doors

- Variable l.v. compartment


- Available in a range of RAL colours


Technical data:

Rated voltage


12 kV

24 kV

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage


75 kV

 125 kV

Rated short-time power-frequency withstand voltage


28 kV

 50 kV

Rated operating current


2500 A

 2500 A

Rated short-time current


31,5 kA

 25 kA

Rated short-circuit time


3 s

 3 s

Rated impulse current


80 kA

 63 kA

Rated frequency


50 Hz

 50 Hz




650, 800, 1000 mm

 800, 1000 mm



2200  mm

 2400 mm


1250 mm

 1500 mm

Safety of operation:





Internal arc classification in accordance with IEC 62271-200


FLR-31,5kA, 1s

 FLR-25 kA, 1s

Operational availability




Degree of protection



 IP 4X

GEMIS® - Advantages