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Current information

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Fabrication shop

On a shop floor area of 3700 m2 we produce the following, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment:

  • Switchgear cabinets
  • Housings
  • Control desks
  • System components for the electrical industry
  • False floor systems
  • Low-voltage switchgear

Our CNC punching centres and bending systems allow us to manufacture up to 5,000 switchgear cabinets and housings a year.

With our high-tech facilities, we are able to cut high-grade steel or copper up to 70 mm thick.Thanks to our precision bending machines we can handle material up to 20 mm thick with maximum accuracy.

Our in-house powder-coating facility ensures our flexibility.We can provide any colour finish to our customers’ requirements and still meet very short delivery times.

Final electromechanical assembly

At our sites in Kerzenheim and Schwarzheide we have a control cabinet production area covering 6000 m2, which, with our experienced fitters, allows us even to turn round large-scale orders in the shortest possible time while adhering to the highest quality standards.At Greiner we can meet all wiring process requirements, e.g. WRAP, TermiPoint, as well as all customer-specific requirements as regards labelling, engraving or colour coding.To do this, we employ what is currently the most modern machining centre for conductor bars.


We are constantly engaged in research and development to come up with innovative products and manufacturing processes.Our close cooperation with local colleges and universities, together with our creative engineering team, made it possible for us to launch two successful new product lines in the past two years.